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Treatments & Conditions

In British Columbia, over 75 percent of medical physicians regularly refer their patients to a RMT because massage therapy is both accessible and effective in the treatment of their patients’ conditions. RMTs utilize specific techniques and modalities to treat many conditions that include, but are not limited to:

Asthma Facet Lock Parkinson’s Disease
Athletic Injuries Fibromyalgia Pes Planus
Arthritis Fibrositis & Fibrosis Plantar Fasciitis
Bronchitis Fractures Poliomyelitis & Post Polio Syndrome
Buergers’ Disease Frozen Shoulder Postural Deformities
Bursitis Gout Raynaud’s Disease
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Headaches Scars
Cerebral Palsy Hemiplegia Sciatica
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Herniated Disc Scoliosis
Chronic Pain Iliotibial Band Contracture Spastic Paralysis
Constipation Impingement Syndrome Sports Injuries
Contractures Insomnia Sprains
Contusions Knee injury Strains
Cramps Low Back Pain Stress-related disorders
Degenerative Disc Disease Migraine Synovitis
Digestive Disorders Multiple Sclerosis Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Dislocations Muscle Tension / Spasm Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Dupuytrens’ Contracture Muscular Dystrophy Tendinitis
Dysmennorhea Neuralgia / Neuritis Tenosynovitis
Edema Osteoporosis TMJ Dysfunction
Emphysema Osteoarthritis Varicose Veins
Entrapments & Compression Syndromes Paralysis Whiplash

Massage therapy is also remarkably effective when used as part of a preventive care program. Some examples of general wellness care include pre/post-natal massage, infant massage, stress management, sports training, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.

~Massage Therapists Association of BC

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