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Past Clients and Testimonials

Here are just a few of the progressive companies that have used


Pottinger and Associates


Junior Achievement of BC

CHUM Radio Group Vancouver

Tim Horton’s

The Bread Garden

Use What You’ve Got Designs

B.C Media Group

Big Red Button Productions

Spirit of the Sea Festival

Bank of Montreal

Heart & Stroke Foundation


Mark Anthony Group

Sam Feldman & Associates

Matcon Civil Contractors

Waste Management


Awesome Testimonials

We were delighted to have Bobi and Purescents at our hospitality suite during the Vancouver International Wine Festival.  After long days and nights on their feet our international suppliers were thrilled to have their fantastic chair massage services available in between events.  The praise was resounding – and they’re already asking if they’ll be back in 2013!  What a great addition to our corporate suite.  Everything was so convenient and professional and we look forward to working with them again soon.  Thank you Purescents!

Judith Arcand
Marketing Manager
Select Wines & Spirits

We were delighted to have Bobi and Purescents

I used to suffer from exceptionally frequent migraines before my first appointment. Michelle helped fine tune a monthly massage schedule designed to maximize my relief. Over time, she helped to pinpoint my triggers and even offered techniques designed to help minimize my symptoms outside of her massage. With her help, the length and frequency of my headaches were drastically reduced, in short, she made my migraines MANAGEABLE. Thank you so much, Michelle!

I used to suffer from exceptionally frequent migraines

chair-massageThank you so much for your special contribution to the Simply Wellness Retreat. Your chair massage is a unique and easy way that teaches us to take care of each other… Your soothing voice and exceptional care made this a wonderful addition to our pampering session. Thank you!

Dr. Donna VanSant
Healthy Ventures,
Surrey, BC


Thank you so much for your special contribution to the Simply Wellness Retreat

Pure Scents Massage was asked to provide massage services for a Corporate Golf Tournament in June of 2006. It was a classy, well-appreciated touch. The golfers lined up for a chance to loosen up before the game, had a mini-massage at the hole during the game, and were thrilled to still see the Massage Chair again back at the Club House!

Comments included “Very nice touch”. “Professional massage, best I have ever had” and “In a short ten minutes, a kink that I was suffering from for a week was fixed. I liked her massage so much I wanted to get another one before the Business Expo was over.

If there is ever an occasion where I want to treat a crew, talent or as a nice addition to an event, Pure Scents Massage is always my first choice. “

Theresa Thom
Big Red Button Productions Inc.


Corporate Golf Tournament

The day of my massage appointment, I always look forward to a session with Bobi.  Her ability to work out all my aches and pains is amazing!  She is personable and professional.  She provides background information about how ‘everything is connected’ whether muscle, tendon, or fascia and may suggest some exercises at home to provide some relief in between massage sessions.  When I finish a session, I am always feeling better!

Karen Horner, Delta

Everything Is Connected

I have worked with Bobi Slawson and the Pure Scents On-Site Massage team for over 5 years and have found Bobi and her staff to be extremely friendly, flexible and professional in everything that they do. Bobi not only gives great massages but also knows the promotions game and will help you achieve just the right atmosphere and make you look your best. I would not hesitate to hire her again and again or to refer her to others.

Melissa Tripp, Communications and Event Management

Flexible and Professional In Everything That They Do

On behalf of the CFUN promotions department I would like to extend my thanks to you & Pure Scents Aromatherapy for contributing to the success of the CFUN Women’s golf tournaments.

Your involvement brought added value that our golfers absolutely loved and we received many positive comments about how Bobi massaged away their aches and pains! The on-site massage provided a unique benefit to our participants and set us apart from other events , thus making it an experience to remember.

We look forward to seeing Pure Scents at all our events next year!

Jane Crompton
Sales Promotions Coordinator,
CFUN, QM/FM, Team 1040


CFUN Women's Golf Tournaments

 Pure Scents On-Site Chair Massage was hired for the 2006 Surrey Mayors Invitational Golf Tournament. We found them to be very professional, reliable and their client relations are first rate!

Their set-up at the Mayors’ Golf Tournament was impressive and their uniformed Practitioners professional and courteous. We strongly recommend them and look forward to having them at our next event!

Arlie McCLurge
BC Media Group

Surrey Mayors Invitational Golf Tournament

Thank you Bobi for your amazing contribution to our golf tournament last year! Many of our golfers remarked at how grateful they were to experience massage therapy on site and were more than willing to submit their aches and pains to your relaxing touch. Your involvement was most definitely a value add for our event. We look forward to your participation again this year!

Lisa Kemp
Manager, Marketing & Special Events
Junior Achievement of British Columbia

Amazing Contribution To Our Golf Tournament

Bobi of Pure Scents On Site Massage Therapy  has been visiting our office with her chair massage service for many years now. She helps our employees reduce tension and stress and they are ultimately more productive. Sitting at a computer for the better part of the day can reek havoc on one’s body and Bobi is very skilled and efficient in registered massage therapy.

We would recommend her services!

Darrell Gilmour
VP Macklam/Feldman Management

We Would Recommend Her Services!

I have been a client of Bobi’s for some time now and always look forward to our appointments. I have been going through cancer treatment for a few years now and Bobi’s treatments are always very therapeutic, relaxing and comforting. I highly recommend her services as she is very compassionate and well versed in registered massage therapy.

Judith Rowley

I Always Look Forward To Our Appointments

Dear Bobi:
Re: BC Health Authorities Conference
Please accept my sincere thanks for this opportunity to work with you and your team.
Your massage station was a major high-light of the evening.
Synergy Events builds its stellar reputation by aligning with dedicated stakeholders such as you.
With enthusiastic commitment and the desire to deliver a perfect event, my clients are satisfied over and over again and I could not do it without you!
Looking forward to working with you again soon.
Yours sincerely,

Lesley Spiegel

BC Health Authorities Conference

Pure Scents On-Site Chair Massage to the Rescue!

In December 2006, the BC Hydro Call Centre was faced with thousands of power outages throughout the province. Most of our 180 employees worked dozens of hours in overtime and really felt the strain and pressure of taking call after call. We brought in two Pure Scents On-Site Massage employees to help ease some of their stress and provide them with some relief. The staff were thrilled to spend 5-10 minutes in the massage chair. They all felt very relaxed and refreshed afterwards and were able to continue working with renewed energy. Thanks so much for revitalizing our team. It was amazing!


Shelley Jacks
Team Leader Accenture Business Services
Burnaby, B.C


Pure Scents On-Site Chair Massage to the Rescue!

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